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Belmont Neighborhood Improvement Project
Belmont Neighborhood Improvement Project
This project will calm traffic  to create a more social and pedestrian friendly condition.

What's happened? The real estate and bid phases are complete. Construction began on June 22.

What's next?
 Construction should be complete by the end of October.

Who to contact:  Jonathan Sossamon, Project Manager 704-432-0406
A Federally-funded grant project

This project will improve and calm traffic at four intersections located in the Belmont neighborhood by adding vertical curb extensions with tapers, 5-foot sidewalks, 8-foot planting strips, storm drainage, pedestrian crosswalks and improved pedestrian lighting.

  • Add vertical curb extensions with tapers
  • Construct 5ft. sidewalks, 8ft. planting strips
  • Improve storm drainage
  • Install pedestrian crosswalks.

The intersections to be improved are:

  1. Harrill Street & 18Th Street
  2. Pegram Street & 18th Street
  3. Pegram Street & 16th Street
  4. Belmont Avenue & Harrill Street.

Cost:  $1,230,0000
Please note that the project cost includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.   
Project Contacts:
Jonathan Sossamon, E&PM Project Manager, 704-432-0406
Tom Sorrentino, CDOT Transportation Project Manager, 704-336-3934