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Ashley Park Neighborhood Improvement Project

Ashley Park
This neighborhood and storm water project addresses street and house flooding as well as deteriorated infrastructure.

What's happened? City staff worked with Armstrong Glen consultants to plan and design these improvements. Charlotte's Storm Water Services is managing both the storm drainage and neighborhood improvements for Ashely Park. 

What's next?
Construction continues.

Who to contact? Matthew Gustis, 704-336-6183

A 2000 Neighborhood Bond Project

The Ashley Park/ Westerly Hills Neighborhood is located east of Interstate 85 and the Wilkinson Boulevard (NC–74) interchange. The project is bordered by Alleghany Streetto the west, West Morehead Streetto the east, Wilkinson Boulevard to the south and Alleghany Street to the north. Proposed improvements will include curb & gutter, sidewalks, driveway replacement, storm drainage piping, drainage structures, channel excavation, grading, pavement resurfacing, water and sewer line upgrades.  This project will be built in conjunction with the Columbus Circle Storm Water Capital Improvement Project.


  • Improve storm water collection and drainage system
  • Install new curb & gutter or valley gutter, where necessary
  • Install new sidewalk and enhance sidewalk connectivity
  • Provide planting strips along streets, where possible
Cost:  $10,000,000
Please note that this figure includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping. This also includes all Storm Water costs.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services project team will manage the Ashley Park/ Westerly Hills NIP Project through a four stage process. Specific work has been or will be conducted during each stage with an emphasis on public involvement during the planning and design phases. The project will be constructed in two phases.  Phase 1 construction will include improvements adjacent to the Westerly Hills and Queensgate Shopping Center and all improvements proposed east of Ashley Road. Phase 2 construction will include improvements adjacent to and streets surrounding Westerly Hills Park, as well as new sidewalk on streets near Harding University High School. Phase 3 includes curb and gutter and storm drainage work along Marlowe Avenue, curb and gutter along Monument Street, and curb and gutter and sidewalk along Remount Road and Morton Street.  Phase 1 began construction in June 2006 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2007. Phase 2 began construction in June 2007 and is expected to be completed by 2008. 

Planning & Design Phase (March 2001 - December 2005)
City staff worked with Armstrong Glen to plan and design the improvements to the Ashley Park/ Westerly Hills Neighborhood. These plans were based on safety, cost, benefits, storm water analysis and an extensive public involvement process that allowed citizens to provide input at three public meetings. The public input assisted E&PM and Armstrong Glen to make design decisions and determine appropriate improvements.  The dates of the public meetings were as follows:

·   October 30 – November 1, 2001
·   March 21, 2002
·   March 11, 2003
Real Estate Phase (May 2003 – August 2005)
The City's Real Estate staff worked with property owners to acquire right of way and easements needed for construction work.
Bid Phase (February 2006 – May 2006)
During the bid phase, final specifications were prepared and quantities of material were determined.  The City of Charlotte follows the North Carolina state regulations and selects the lowest, responsible bidder. United Construction, Inc. was selected as the contractor for the project.
Construction Phase
Phase 1 (June 2006 – October 2007)
Phase 1 of the project began construction in June 2006. To construct the improvements, some adjustment to power poles and underground utilities will be required, and trees in conflict may be removed or trimmed. The installation of sidewalks and curbing, construction of drainage improvements and adjustment of utilities will require access to property. The City has gained permission to work on specific properties during the Real Estate Phase. Phase 1 construction is expected to be complete by the end of October.
Phase 2  
Phase 2 is complete.
Phase 3
Construction is underway.

Project Contact:
Matthew Gustis, Storm Water Project Manager, 704-336-6183