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Business Services

The Business Services division provides a range of diverse services to both internal and external customers. They provide key business support services to divisions of Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) and their customers. The primary functions include:

  • Contracting Services
  • Communications & Customer Service
  • Financial/Budget Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Services
  • Safety Services
  • Surveying & Mapping Services 

These seven areas of service contribute to E&PM's mission of Building Value for Charlotte. Approximately 40 employees bring many years of experience, knowledge and skills in order to provide comprehensive service. Mike Nail is the Business Services Division Manager, but is currently on assignment with the ERP team.  Tom Calhoun is serving as the Interim Division Manager. 

Contracting Services
The Contracting section is responsible for selecting and hiring the private consultants, contractors and other professionals needed to carry out E&PM's business. They prepare the requests for qualifications (RFQ) and requests for proposals (RFP). City Council Agenda items and implementation of the City's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program are also coordinated by this section.
Key contact:  Susana Vang, 704-438-0962

Communications & Customer Service
This team provides communications support for all Capital Improvement Projects as well as business initiatives and departmental planning. Additionally, this team oversees the department's customer service goals and follow-up.
Key contact:  Jim Banbury, 704-336-3610

Financial/Budget Services
This team prepares and administers E&PM's capital budgets, accounts payable, revenue collection and other general services such as competition, privatization, and benchmarking.
Key contact:  Ras Saucedo, 704-336-4557

Human Resources
The Human Resources section is responsible for recruiting and hiring and the administration of payroll, employee benefits, and other human resource functions. 
Key contact: Ashleigh Price, 704-336-4259

Information Services
The Information Services team is responsible for the installation and operation of hardware, software, database management and support for E&PM business applications such as Accela, Primavera, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Web applications.
Key contact:  Tom Calhoun, 704-336-2946

Safety Services

E&PM's safety officer, Jim Emmons, administers the key business unit's Safety & Health Programs.  He provides technical services such as safety program development, training, and evaluation.  The safety officer also serves as the liaison between E&PM and North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in safety issues.
Key contact:  Jim Emmons, 704-336-7275

Surveying and Mapping
Surveying is performed in order to provide base maps, City limit lines, topographic maps, right-of-way limits, and horizontal and vertical controls for roads and streets. A GIS mapping center provides maps for internal customers within the City and County government. The public may purchase maps from Mecklenburg County.
Key contact:  David Snider, 704-336-3875