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Building Value for Charlotte
Great Employees, Organization and Community

Building ValueEngineering & Property Management's (E&PM) mission statement reflects its commitment to bringing value to the citizens of Charlotte, the City organization and to its employees. 

The three circling arrows represent the components of the Building Value cycle:  the E&PM organization, its employees and its customers. The circle reinforces the concept that Building Value is a continuous cycle that requires the collaboration of our customers, our employees and the organizations.
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Strategic Objectives

  • Be recognized by our Customers as the City's leader in providing courteous, accessible, seamless and responsive services.
  • Find ways to apply our resources to achieve the City Council's priorities.
  • Build our competitive edge through learning, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Find the optimum balance of cost, schedule and quality that achieves the City's CIP and operational goals and satisfies customers.
  • Create an environment that expects and values the contributions of individuals, recognizes their diverse contributions and encourages them to develop to their full potential.
Engineering & Property Management
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