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Environment Programs
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

 Total Federal Funding: $2 billion
 Estimated N.C. Funding: $67 million
 Estimated Local Funding: $3 million
 Administering Agency: N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities
City of Charlotte
 Overview: Stimulus funding for water projects will be administered in North Carolina by the Division of Public Water Supply through the State Revolving Fund process. Funding of projects will be considered on a project-by-project basis and may either be grants or no- or low-interest loans. Priority will be given to water projects based on system financial need, system compliance needs and project schedule. The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) provides low-interest loans to assist public water systems in achieving or maintaining compliance with federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), including all environmental reviews and applicable permits.

The DWSRF program can fund only the most cost-effective solution to a documented public health problem. At least 20% of funds will be used for "green" infrastructure, water or energy efficiency improvements or other environmentally innovative activities.
 Eligibility: Selected Projects must be from a public water system, must comply with the SDWA, and must be on the state program's project priority list, or Intended Use Plan. Uses include water treatment facilities, replacement of aging infrastructure, planning studies, consolidation of water systems and source water protection. Ineligible uses include dams or rehabilitation of dams, operation and maintenance costs, projects mainly for fire protection or projects primarily to accommodate future growth.

Proposed Projects:
Water Main Rehabilitation Contract ($1.9 million) – To clean and reline or replace as needed old water mains throughout Mecklenburg County experiencing high maintenance or water quality concerns.
Beatties Ford Road Water Main ($600,000) – Close a gap in the water main from Charlotte to Huntersville which consists of 5,400 feet of the 16-inch water main near Huntersville.
Albemarle Road Water Main ($565,000) – Improve fire flows toward Clear Creek Elementary School which consists of 4,500 feet of 16-inch water main.
Vest Water Treatment Plant Repairs ($2.6 million) – Consists of roof, wall, window and clear well repairs.
Franklin Water Plant Reservoir Expansion ($30 million)
 Local Funding Availability: Green Reserve Fund – 20% of funds for water conservation projects.
Pilot project for evapotranspiration (ET) controllers for largest irrigation customers ($500,000).
Toilet Replacement for Aging Neighborhoods, 5,000 Toilets ($750,000).
 Contact Information: Ron Weathers, Engineering Division Manager
 Amounts Obligated: Notification May 7, 2009
State Final ARRA 2009 Project List
 Job Creation/Retention:  ---
 Project Completion Status:  ---
 Tentative Public Hearing Dates: April 3, 2009 (State)
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