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Public Safety Programs
Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

 Total Federal Funding: $1 billion
 Estimated N.C. Funding: Competitive grants application process
 Estimated Local Funding: City of Charlotte has requested $23,879,681 to fund the hiring of 150 police officers.
 Administering Agency: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
City of Charlotte
 Overview: The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) hiring grant provides funds to hire new police officers, hire back police officers who have been laid off or preserve the jobs of police officers who are scheduled to be laid off. The grant covers salaries and benefits (at the entry level) for the first 36 months of an officer’s employment. The City must agree to retain officers hired under this grant for a minimum of one year after grant funding has ended. The grant does not cover costs for equipping and training new officers.
 Eligibility: Law enforcement agencies.
 Local Funding Availability: The City received $8,545,950 to hire 50 police officers. City Council will accept the grant at its August 24, 2009 meeting.
 Contact Information: Darrellyn Kiser, Assistant to the Chief
704-336-7736 or
 Amounts Obligated:  ---
 Job Creation/Retention: Creates 50 new police officer positions in September 2009.
 Project Completion Status: Hiring of police officers is under way.
 Tentative Public Hearing Dates:  ---
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