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Background on Community Investment Plan (CIP)


Video: Investing in our Community
Historically, the City has approached community investments by identifying projects that fulfill a community need. 
Many projects are components of a long-term strategy, such as the Housing Trust fund, the Airport Master Plan, two-year Water and Sewer System Evaluations, Transportation Action Plan, Area Plans and the long-range Generalized Land Use Plan.

Other community projects are on-going programs to maintain and enhance the City’s infrastructure, such as repairing sidewalks, stream restoration, road projects, neighborhood improvements and new facilities.

While the past three bond packages centered on Transportation, Neighborhood Improvements and Affordable Housing, the proposed CIP collectively groups capital projects for a more holistic approach toward investment areas, to better reflect the infrastructure needs of the community.

To develop this CIP, the City looked for projects that:

o   Align with City Council’s Vision for Charlotte 2020
o   Focus on areas of the City that need improved housing, schools and economic development.
o   Serve as a catalyst for transformational change
o   Increase collaboration with private and public partners
o   Improve environmental quality
o   Increase access and mobility
o   Emphasize larger projects with significant long-term community impacts
o   Address systemic issues within the community