Transit Planning

Gold Line Phase 2

Phase 2 extends the Phase 1 segment by 2.5 miles on the east and west ends of the line creating an interim system for 4 miles. CityLYNX Gold Line Phase 2 will extend west 2 miles from Charlotte Transportation Center to French Street and east one-half mile along Hawthorne Lane from Presbyterian Hospital to Sunnyside Avenue.

The streetcar will be critical in creating a transit focused and pedestrian oriented center city through developing an integrated transportation system of pedestrians, bikes, motor vehicles, transit, parking, and land development.The approximate cost of Phase 2 is $126 million that will be funded through a proposed 50/50 match consisting of:

     •   $63 million match pending approval of a submitted grant application to the FTA’s Small Starts Project
          Development program,

     •   and 50 percent from the City of Charlotte including use of existing debt capacity and Pay-As-You-Go balances
          in the General Capital Investment fund.

Phase 2 will serve as an engine for economic growth by providing effective and efficient transit operations, connecting key neighborhoods and maximizing development opportunities. Modern streetcar vehicles will replace replica trolleys with the option of purchasing hybrid technology vehicles.

CATS anticipates to advance the project as a design, bid, and build project in early 2016. Construction is projected to begin late 2016. Phase 2 service start date is projected in late 2019.