Transit Planning

It's Your Call
If you see something, say something.

Your safety and security is a primary focus at CATS.  Our safety and security staff work hard every day to ensure that your commute is trouble free.  CATS has taken steps to ensure the safety and security of our transit system by increasing the number of safety and security personnel, installing cameras aboard all bus and light rail vehicles, park and ride lots, light rail stations, and transit facilities.  But we can’t do it all on our own.  We need your help in keeping CATS safe.

Safety & Security Begins With You

Start by educating yourself about safety and security aboard our vehicles. When riding, take a few minutes to become more aware of your surroundings. 

Always Be Alert Safety Circle

There are actions you can take any time you are in public to protect yourself from criminal activity. First, be aware of your surroundings and those around you.  It is easy to tune things out when you are on your cell phone or listening to your Ipod.  Don’t make it easy for criminals to take advantage of the situation.

Keep your valuables out of site and keep your personal items, such as your purse, backpack, packages, etc. under your control at all times.  Avoid talking to strangers and pay attention to who gets on or off at your stop.  Trust your instincts.  If something or someone makes you uneasy, avoid the person or leave.

 Be aware of people who: 

Report People who:

  • Appear lost
  • Loiter, stare or watch others 
  • Pace or appear nervous
  • Attempt to get into areas that are off limits
  • Carry a weapon or suspected weapon
  • Act in a disorderly manner or disturb others
  • Quickly exit after abandoning a package


Safety at the Park and Ride

  • At night, park and walk in well-lit areas
  • Always lock your doors after leaving and entering your automobile
  • Remove all personal items from your automobile, such as change, cell phones, Ipods, purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc.
  • Walk with confidence.  Be aware of the people around you and know where you parked
  • Have your keys in your hand so you don’t have to linger before entering your automobile

Safety In and Around Our Vehicles

  • Don’t cross in front of the bus or the train
  • Don’t run to try and catch a bus or train.  You could easily fall and seriously hurt yourself
  • When waiting for the bus or train, stand near other passengers
  • When the bus or train is in motion, do not lean against the doors
  • Promptly leave the rail platform after exiting the train  

Suspicious Packages

Remember to take all personal items with you when exiting the bus or train. If you see a suspicious item or unattended package, do not touch it. Move away from the item immediately. Notify the operator or CATS Safety and Security personnel of any suspicious or unattended packages on the bus, train, or at a station or stop.
  • Report any unattended or suspicious package that is out of the way or hidden.
  • Was abandoned by someone who quickly left
  • Has an odor
  • Has a message or note attached to it

Reporting Emergencies

To report illegal or suspicious activity, call 9-1-1.   In the event of an emergency, always follow the instructions of a uniformed CATS Safety and Security personnel, police officer or fire official.

phoneOn a LYNX Train: Notify any uniformed CATS Safety and Security personnel or police officer onboard.  You can also use the emergency intercom inside the vehicle on either end of the train. This will connect you to the train operator.

At a LYNX Station: Notify any uniformed CATS Safety and Security personnel or police officer at the station.  All of the LYNX Blue Line Stations are equipped with emergency blue light phones that connect to emergency responders. 

On a CATS Bus or at a stop:  Notify the bus operator immediately; The bus operator does have access to a silent alarm system that when activated, contacts CATS main operations control center. When the alarm is activated the destination sign on the bus will change to “Emergency” and the outside lights of the bus will flash letting the
      police know the alarm has been activated. 

CATS’ continues to take steps to improve and enhance its safety and security. While we are working to keep you safe, we ask that you do the same. 

Remember, it’s your call.  Safety and security begins with you. If you see something, say something.  Alert CATS Safety and Security Personnel, a police officer, a train or bus operator, or call 9-1-1 if you see illegal or suspicious activity.  Do your part to help keep CATS safe.