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DBE - Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program (Federal)
As a recipient of Federal funding from the US-Department of Transportation, the City of Charlotte/ Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is required to administer a Disadvantaged Business (DBE) Program. The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, as described in CFR 49 Part 26, offers certified DBEs equal opportunity to compete for Federally-funded contracts. 

DBE Policy Statement
City of Charlotte’s DBE Program (document)

SBE - Small Business Enterprise Program (Local)
As a recipient of local revenue, the City of Charlotte/ Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) seeks to  enhance competition in City contracting and promote economic growth and development  in the Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) by fostering the inclusion of locally based city certified small business enterprises. For more information, see the City's Small Business Development Page.

CATS DBE/SBE Programs:
Provide certified DBEs/SBEs with increased notification of contracting opportunities
Perform periodic monitoring & reporting of all Federally-and Locally funded CATS projects

DBE certified vendors are listed in the North Carolina DOT DBE Directory
SBE vendor lists appear on the  City's Vendor Lists page.

Who qualifies for certification?

DBE Certification/Re-Certification Applications should be directed to The North Carolina Department of Transportation

SBE Certification/Re-Certification Applications should be directed to the City's Small Business Development Program.

Monthly Subcontractor Participation Report Forms:

FTA Contracts: Form B (Subcontractor/Sub-consultant/Supplier Monthly Reporting)
SBE Monthly Report Form  

Any questions contact:

Arlanda Rouse 704-432-2566, e-mail

Terrence E. Watson 704-432-2554, e-mail