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Smart Irrigation Program

Beginning July 1, 2012 CMUD will offer a new program to incentivize smart water use in the landscape, called the Smart Irrigation Program.


Customers who take the steps to equip their irrigation systems with approved state of the art equipment called smart controllers designed to reduce water demand and curtail water runoff will receive a special irrigation water use rate. In addition, participants will be required to have a separate meter for the irrigation system as well as a fully functioning backflow device.
The new program is estimated to help customers reduce their summer time watering demand by 20 +% and to produce healthier landscapes. 

What is a Smart Controller?
A smart controller is a device that initiates the activation of the  irrigation system in response to site specific data – such as plant material, soil conditions, slope, sun exposure, wind coefficient, and evapotranspiration rate – all programmed into the device by the installer. In addition the controller maintains a live link to a weather satellite to factor in current weather conditions and recent rain events.

An additional benefit is the ability of the controller to control the application of the water not to exceed the absorption rate of the soil, thereby curtailing excessive runoff to receiving storm drains and waterways.

What is the Incentive to Participate?
CMUD is offering several opportunities to join the program.
    Irrigation Meter Purchase:
        For customers installing a separate irrigation meter, the connection fees associated with the 
        meter installation can be spread over 12 monthly installments and would be included on the monthly 
        water bill. There are two options for connections – a single split service line and a dedicated service line.

        Capacity fees for split service residential irrigation meters have been eliminated as an incentive 
        to participate.

    Smart Irrigation Rate
        Customers enrolled in the smart irrigation program would have all irrigation use capped at tier
        three. Currently, irrigation meters are charged at tier 3 and tier 4.

More information?
Not all properties are ideally suited for this program. Customers’ irrigation systems should be checked out by a licensed irrigation contractor to determine if it’s a suitable candidate and in proper working condition.

CMUD encourages all interested persons to evaluate the cost of up-fitting their irrigation systems and weighing the potential savings before moving forward.

Additional Resources:
  Smart Irrigation Program Requirements
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Connection Fees for Irrigation Meters
Backflow Requirements
  Site Condition Checklist for Contractors
NC Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board

How to enroll?
Please submit the completed forms via fax, email or mail.

1.   Application

2.   Backflow Service Application



City of Charlotte
Attn: E-Team
10101 Claude Freeman Drive, Suite 250W
Charlotte, NC 28262

The criteria for the program, the enrollment forms and instructions are available at the links provided. Once an application is verified and the account is enrolled, the new irrigation rate will be applied to the customer’s bill in the next month’s bill cycle.

For more information, contact CharMeck 311 or email