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Annual Wastewater Report Announced
In September, customers will receive a bill insert about how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department staff successfully collected and treated the community’s wastewater before recycling it into the environment. Wastewater treatment plants continued their award winning performance as they treated 28 billion gallons of wastewater during Fiscal Year 2013.
There were 260 sanitary sewer overflows, a condition when sanitary sewer collection pipes are blocked or otherwise restricted causing human wastewater to flow out of manholes, in CMUD’s service area during FY2013. These are mostly caused by grease clogs or tree root blockages. There were 21 fewer spills in FY2013 than the year before. This is the lowest number of spills since 2002 (259). The number of spills per 100 miles of pipe continued to decline from 10.9 in 2007 to 6.2 spills in FY2013. An estimated 208,582.75 gallons spilled, which is the lowest since 1999. CMUDs work to install larger sewer pipes less prone to blockage, and to regularly clear existing pipes, contributes to this decline.
All five wastewater treatment plants earned Peak Performance Awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for the calendar year ending 2012. NACWA Peak Performance Awards recognize wastewater treatment professionals throughout the nation for protecting the environment and public health through outstanding treatment and discharge regulatory compliance.
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