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Sewage Overflows

If you see or suspect a

sewage overflow or spill,

call 311 or 704-336-7600.

Sewage spills are a menace

Sewage spills are a menace!

Overflows are sewage spills that occur when sanitary collection pipes are blocked or restricted, causing wastewater to back up in the pipe and flow out through manholes.

Most overflows are relatively small and can be stopped and cleaned up quickly. Left unattended, however, overflows can result in property damage, foul odors, environmental problems and fish kills. In a worst-case scenario, they can create public health and safety hazards.

Sewage overflows are not a new problem in this community or in any other, but our goal continues to be zero overflows. It's our job to keep the community's wastewater collection and treatment systems in good working order, and we will continue to invest time and resources to stop overflows.

Customers can help by letting us know if they see or suspect a sewage overflow or spill and by working to eliminate greases from our sewers, which cause more than half of all sewage spills.

 crews use a robotic camera to find blockages in sewer pipe

Small television cameras (Above) help crews locate blockages in the pipe.