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Grease Lid
Grease Free
Fill out this form and get a FREE Lid
for your grease container.

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We will mail the lid and instructions within a week of receiving the request. 

Steps for Using Grease Lid:

1.  Pour grease and other remains from frying pans into a jar or container.  The grease free lid fits most soup and vegetable cans. 
2.  Wipe cookware and utensils with paper towel to prevent greasy residue from getting into sink.
3.  Once full, recycle grease at one of Mecklenburg County‚Äôs four recycling centers.  Or add paper towels, coffee grounds, or kitty litter to absorb grease and toss it in the trash.

Thank you for being Grease Free!

Reduce Plumbing Costs and Protect the Environment

Toss leftover food in the trash, not down the drain. These should never go down the drain or toilet.

Grease Pan
Remains in frying pan.

paper towels
Paper products other
than toilet paper.

Butter, margarine,
lard, and shortening.

Prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Olive oil, salad dressings, cooking oil, and motor oil.

cleaning supplies
Leftover cleaning supplies.