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Help Protect The Environment

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Everyone at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD) - from engineers and administrators, to award winning water and wastewater treatment operators, repair crews, and laboratory staff - knows the importance of a healthy living environment.

How can I help protect the environment?
  • Change your lawn to be drought tolerant. Learn more watering tips.

  • Be a Water Star and win! Each year, Utilities awards customers for unique ways to conserve water.  Let us know how you are using less water.

  • Kitchen grease and other fats, oils and greases disposed of down drains cause more than 50 percent of all sewage spills. If we all stopped pouring these materials down the drain, we could prevent many sewage overflows and spills that occur every year.

  • Sign up for Paperless Billing - Log on to your bank's online bill pay / e-bill website and sign up to receive your City of Charlotte-Services Bill. It is free, simple, secure and green. You can also view the bill / water usage through most bank websites.

    Utilities Sustainability and Environment Protection Efforts