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SC Land Application Notification
Last Updated: September 19, 2014                           
January – June 2014 no land application occurred in South Carolina
Scheduled Application Site
Due to weather, there will be no site changes.


Next sites for consideration

  • SC-CT-29 William Martin and/or Mountain Gap and/or Beaver Dam
  • SC-FA-03 Mount Olive Church and/or Lewis Store
  • SC-LC-12 Colony and/or Burke Duncan
  • SC-CT-48 Elm and/or State Rd S-46-1002 (off of Hwy 321) and/or Old York
  • SC-CT-17 Old Richburg
  • SC-CT-30 Adams Farm and/or Hwy 9, Blaney and/or Peden Bridge and/or Trussel
  • SC-LC-14 Pleasant and/or Rocky River and/or Thornwell and/or Cherrystone and/or Shagbark and or Fork Hill
  • SC-CT-18 Fishing Creek Church
  • SC-CT-42 West Chester School and/or New Hope Church
  • SC-YC-18 Brattonsville and/or Bookout and or Hwy 322
  • SC-CT-09 Fishing Creek Church
  • SC-CT-16 Ernandez
  • SC-CT-33 Peden Bridge
  • SC-CT-41 Hopewell Church and/or Peden Bridge
  • SC-LC-107 Baskins Hill and/or Pink Plyler and/or Beacon
  • SC-LC-13 Deerwood
  • SC-YC-15 Hwy 321
  • SC-YC-37 Able and/or Hawley and/or Lowry’s
  • SC-YC-48 State Rd S-46-1002 and/or Able and/or Hawley and/or Lowry’s