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Environmental Management

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities works to protect the environment by treating wastewater that leaves your home or business before safely discharging it back into local streams. The wastewater we treat is not designed to include storm water runoff, which is a separate pipe system maintained by other city /county departments.

While not quite suitable for human consumption, treated wastewater - known as effluent - is clearer and usually much cleaner than water already found in the creek where it is discharged. Fish and other wildlife often thrive at the exit points of our wastewater plants.

At each of our five wastewater treatment plants, State-certified wastewater treatment plant operators work 24 hours a day, 365 days per year -- constantly sampling, measuring and testing the wastewater to ensure its safety.

Environmental Management also houses our industrial sewage pre-treatment monitoring and oil & grease prevention programs. In addition, Utilities is in the process of expanding its reclaimed water program, where wastewater is safely and effectively used for irrigation instead of simply releasing it back into streams and creeks. This discourages the use of drinking water for irrigation purposes and reduces the need for future drinking water infrastructure.

Help protect your environment by eliminating grease from our sewers!

For more information about Environmental Management, contact one of our five wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewater Treatment Plants ( Click here to schedule a plant tour)

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