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5 ways to save before next water bill
   5 Ways to Reduce Usage Now Before Next Bill

 1.  Look, listen, and fix leaks - especially irrigation systems and spray heads.
 2.  Audit plumbing and water use. Are there automated fillers for ponds or ice machines using water daily?
 3.  Fall is here, so cut irrigation schedule in half. 
 4.  Replace Your Showerhead for FREE and save up to 2,300 gallons a year, according to EPA.
 5.  Install a Water-Efficient Toilet and save more than $90 a year compared to older models, according to

Bonus Step - Add or replace faucet aerators to low-flow alternative, while cutting flow from up to 2.5 gallons a minute to as little as .5 gallons a minute.

Protect Plumbing Now, Less Headaches Later

1. Wearing a coat? Time to prevent pipes from freezing

2. Don't use sink disposal or toilet as a trashcan.

3. Locate master shut-off valve for home. It is typically where water pipe enters basement or crawl space, before the water heater.

4. High water pressure? Check pressure with a gauge from a home improvement store or discuss with a plumber. If more than 80 psi, you may need to add or replace pressure reducing valve (PRVs).

5. Disconnect outdoor hoses. A connected hose can freeze an outdoor faucet in winter, may affect water taste in the summer, and may need to be replaced faster.

6. Drowning a clog with drain cleaner? Using too much ‘drain cleaner’ may corrode some plumbing pipes or fittings so follow directions on the bottle.

7. Check / replace hoses leading to washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator icemaker. Check owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for details.

8. Drain and maintain water heater. Minerals and other sediment can collect in the water heater over years so it may need to be drained to work efficiently. Check owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for details, like turning off power / gas to prevent damage.