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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD) is community-owned and provides safe drinking water and cleans our community's wastewater.  Reinvesting in our system is possible soley through funds from water and sewer bills.

Have a Question? Give Us a Call.
Dial 311 or 704-336-7600 to:

  • Request Water Service On or Off 
  • Change Addresses
  • Report a Water Leak 
  • Ask a Billing Question
  • Check Current Balance
  • Report a Sewer Spill

Online Services:


Residential Customersprotecting plumbing, fix leaks, what is ok to put in disposal.

Learn about: 

Other Links  

Links to other utilities in Mecklenburg County; 

Commercial Customer Section

How do I get water turned on in my name?
Call 311 or 704-336-7600 and ask for water move in, out, or an account transfer. Note: A $32.00 service charge will apply to water 'turn on' requests. MORE.

Industrial Customer Section

  • Industrial Pretreatment & Permitting
  • New Services (to install a new water meter and/or sewer tap)



    Keep Your Pipes Clear, And  Our Water Safe!

    When cleaning out your unused medications, be sure to  properly dispose of them and protect our water supply.   

             *  Prescription and over-the-counter medications should be
                 disposed of in the trash.

             *  Dissolve pills in water and mix with kitty litter. Put this in a
                 secure, lidded container in your trash. 

             *  Never flush medicines, grease, oils, diapers, wipes or other

    Frequently Asked Questions About

  • *   Starting a New Water Account 
         (please call 311 or 704-336-7600) 

    Water Bill or Billing

    Budget and Rates 

    *   Where my plumbing starts or how to fix
         private leaks

    *   Filling / Refilling a Swimming Pool

    *   Spray paint marks on yard 
         Call Before Digging



    *   Changes in Water Quality, or about 
         prescription drugs and drinking water

    Changes in Water Pressure

       Water Leaks Under the Street

    *   Sewage Backups in a Home

       Sewage Overflows from Manholes

    Odor at Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Reclaimed Water