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Charlotte Water (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department or CMUD) is community-owned and provides safe drinking water and cleans our community's wastewater. Reinvesting in our system is possible soley through funds from water and sewer bills.

Have a Question? Give Us a Call.
Dial 311 or 704-336-7600 to:

  • Request Water Service On or Off 
  • Change Addresses
  • Report a Water Leak 
  • Ask a Billing Question
  • Check Current Balance
  • Report a Sewer Spill

Online Services:

Residential Customersprotecting plumbing, fix leaks, what is ok to put in disposal.

Learn about: 

Other Links  

Links to other utilities in Mecklenburg County; 

Commercial Customer Section

How do I get water turned on in my name?
Call 311 or 704-336-7600 and ask for water move in, out, or an account transfer. Note: A $39.00 service charge will apply to water 'turn on' requests. MORE.

Industrial Customer Section



Keep Your Pipes Clear, And  Our Water Safe!

When cleaning out your unused medications, be sure to  properly dispose of them and protect our water supply.   

         *  Prescription and over-the-counter medications should be
             disposed of in the trash.

         *  Dissolve pills in water and mix with kitty litter. Put this in a
             secure, lidded container in your trash. 

         *  Never flush medicines, grease, oils, diapers, wipes or other

Frequently Asked Questions About

*   Starting a New Water Account 
     (please call 311 or 704-336-7600) 

Water Bill or Billing

Budget and Rates 

*   Where my plumbing starts or how to fix
     private leaks

*   Filling / Refilling a Swimming Pool

*   Spray paint marks on yard 
     Call Before Digging



*   Changes in Water Quality, or about 
     prescription drugs and drinking water

Changes in Water Pressure

   Water Leaks Under the Street

*   Sewage Backups in a Home

   Sewage Overflows from Manholes

Odor at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Reclaimed Water