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Contractor and Vendor Opportunities

Notify Me of Page Updates about construction advertised bids opportunities with city of charlotte mecklenburg water department
Welcome to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD) Construction and Professional Services
Contract Administration Page. 
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 Request for Proposals / Request for Qualifications

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Project Information
Due Date
Subcontractor Opportunities
Sugar Creek Digester Demolition
Hart & Hickman has been selected.


Corrosion Protection Services for Water & Sewer Utility Projects
Pond & Company and RK & K have ben selected.
Various Treatment Plant Repair/Rehab Projects
Brown & Caldwell and McKim & Creed have been selected.
RFQ for Professional Engineering Services for Sugar Creek WWTP Reliability Improvements Phase 1
RFI for Alternative Fuels
Professional Engineering Services for Wastewater, Reuse Water, and Stream Bank Improvement Projects

RFP Document

Addendum #1

Parsons Brinckerhoff, McKim & Creed, Armstrong Glen, Hazen & Sawyer, Willis Engineers, Stantec, and Kimley-Horn have been selected.


Miscellaneous Geotechnical, Environmental Testing and Blast Monitoring Services
RFQ for Professional Engineering Services for Utility Design within NCDOT Projects
RFQ for Professional Engineering Services for McAlpine WWMF Secondary Clarifier Improvements (05302014)
RFP for FY15 Easement Mowing & Clearing

 Current Bids

Project Information
Subcontractor Opportunities
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Sugar Creek WWTP Tank Closure Project
Pre-bid: 7/24/14

Bid opening: 8/19/14
Walkers Ferry Road Water Main Project Phase 3
Pre-bid: 8/7/14
Bid opening: 8/25/14
Prequalification for HDD Drilling Prime Contractors and Subcontractors for the Stowe Creek HDD Force Main Replacement Project
Roof Repair and Replacement

Dixie River Road 24 Inch Water Main - Rebid

Note change to bid date


CBI Forms 1-6

This project contains sensitive information. Purchasers must hace completed the contractor confidentiality statement before they will be allowed to purchase bid documents.

Addendum #1

Proposal Form Addendum #1

Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet

Bid Results

Bid Tab


Richa Graphics 704 331-9744​

Pre-Bid 5/28/14

Bid 6/6/14
FY14 Contract C Water & Sewer Extensions/Replacements

Dixie River Road 24 Inch Water Main

Idlebrook Drive Sanitary Sewer Replacement
FY14 Small Diameter Water & Sewer Service Installations - Contract #2

Vest WTP Flow Monitoring and Control Improvements

FY14 Contract B Water & Sewer Extension/Replacement Projects

FY14 Contract A Water & Sewer Extension/Replacement Projects

FY14 Large Diameter Service Installations

Zone 3 Field Operations Center Construction



Arrowood and Sulkirk Road 24" Water Main Replacement

Bid Results

Bid Tab