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  • Request Water to be Turned On or Off
  • Change Addresses
  • Ask a Billing Question
  • Check Current Balance
  • Report a Water Leak or Sewer Spill
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Email options:

General Comment Form, Ask a Billing Question, or Update Phone Number on Account.
Email responses may take longer than two business days - they are received by CharMeck 311 and forwarded to the appropriate group. Call 311 or 704-336-7600 if you need immediate attention, to start new account, or if you have questions about your bill.

Customer Comment
     Rate our customer service or submit a compliment
     Call 311 if a current issue needs to be resolved.   

     Construction Project, Engineering, New Construction, or Map Questions

     Backflow and Irrigation Documents and hydrant rental questions.  

Report a Wastewater Odor- Regarding wastewater plants or pipes.
If you have an odor concern regarding drinking water, call 311 or 704-336-7600 immediately.
Learn more about ongoing odor control.

Contact webmaster about page error or website question.

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