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Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation / Replacement Projects
As neighborhoods and business districts age, so do water and  wastewater pipes that support them. The Charlotte Water's Rehabilitation Team coordinates the replacement or restoration of older water and wastewater pipes. 

Charlotte Neighborhood Improvement Projects also include water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation.

Since 1997, more than 100 miles of wastewater pipe were rehabbed and 100 miles of water pipe were lined or replaced. 

     Pipe Repair
     Customers receive drinking water through
     an above ground water pipe while crews
     repair the underground pipe.


Water Rehab (Relining inside of pipe or pipe replacement)
While water pipes are out of service, Charlotte Water maintains a continuous supply of water to customers through an above ground temporary water system. To ensure the water is safe to drink, the temporary system is disinfected and tested prior to putting it into service.

Water pipe rehabilitation process involves an innovative technique of cleaning the inside of the existing water main, then applying a protective coating to extend the useful life of the pipe. This is accomplished using limited digging at strategic locations, which means less digging and pavement repair and less inconvenience to customers.
picture of men replacing water valve

Past Water Rehab Projects included improving or replacing pipes under streets in Wesley Heights, Dilworth, Wilmore, Plaza-Midwood, Eastover, Chantilly, Dilworth, South End, Belmont, Myers Park, Queens Road West, Selwyn Avenue, Villa Heights, Pineville, Matthews, McCrorey Heights, Colonial-Sedgefield, Thomasboro, Plaza-Shamrock, and other neighborhoods.


photo of men installing new liningWastewater projects include replacing or re-lining pipes also. Past projects include the uptown area, the McMullen Creek basin (between Park Road, Carmel Road, and Sardis Road), Briar Creek, the Upper Little Sugar Creek basin (between Graham Street, South Boulevard, The Plaza, and Selwyn Avenue), and along numerous creeks and tributaries throughout the county. Click to view article about manhole rehabilitation.

photo inside manholeRoot Control is an ongoing project that identifies areas where tree roots are clogging wastewater pipes. Tree roots break wastewater pipes to soak up the water. We clear the tree roots by adding a herbicide foam that kills the root in the pipe without killing the tree. The picture on the right shows a special foam that helps kill tree roots inside wastewater pipes.