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The Briar Creek Sewer System Improvement Project

Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is adding sewer pipes along Briar Creek from the Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (Tyvola and Park roads) to Harris Boulevard. This project will enhance system performance, provide increased capacity for present and future needs, and protect the water quality in Briar Creek.

Phase 1- Complete  BC_Relief_Sewer_PIIweb
  • Between Tyvola Road and Randolph Road.
  • Began August 2007 and was in service summer 2011.   

Phase 2 - Complete

  • Between Randolph Road and Country Club Drive.
  • Began March 2012 and was in service spring 2015.

Phase 3 - Construction Starting Mid-to-late June 2016


WHAT: Sanders Utility Construction Co., under Charlotte Water’s supervision, will begin construction set up and preparation for Phase III of the Briar Creek Sewer Improvement Project. This project will enhance system performance and protect the water quality in Briar Creek.

WHEN: Mid- to late June 2016

WHERE: Construction easements along Briar Creek from Country Club Drive and Dunlavin Way to Hilliard Drive and Eastway Drive (see map).

HOW: Activities will include:

  • Moving equipment on site – Contractor will move construction equipment and
    materials to permanent and temporary easements along the project site.
  • Clearing – Trees, shrubs, bushes and other vegetation within the construction
    easement area will be removed. Tree stumps will be removed and holes filled. Debris
    will be transported off site.
  • Security fencing – Crews will be installing temporary six-foot green security on
    temporary and permanent easements along the project route. The fencing will help
    secure the construction area and will have view-blocking material. Erosion and
    sedimentation control measures may be required to protect against erosion.

NEIGHBORHOOD MEETINGS: Residents and businesses will be notified about upcoming information meetings for your area. During these meetings, members of the project team will discuss construction and restoration activities, as well as when work is scheduled for the different segments of Phase III.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions or would like to receive email updates about the project, please click here. For email updates, include your property address and place “Briar Creek Email List” in the subject line.


General Information

Safety Don't Pour Grease Down the Drain
Please remember that any area along the creek that has been cleared is part of the active construction site.  For safety reasons, pedestrians are not allowed in these areas or anywhere on the construction site.  Parents, please make sure that your children are aware of the hazards and know to stay clear of this area.