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Individual Street Light Request


Residents may request a single streetlight be installed near their home. The standard installation includes a high pressure sodium fixture mounted on a wooden utility pole. If other streetlights are present on the street or in the neighborhood, the addition of an individual light must be of the same type as those existing. The streetlight is typically placed on the property line between your home and your neighbor. To start the process, call CharMeck Call Center at 311. A petition process is required, which the Streetlight Coordinator will explain to you. Once a valid petition is received, the City of Charlotte will authorize Duke Power to install the light and the City will pay for the power to operate it. Installation takes approximately six weeks.

General Information & Installation Standards

  • Underground wiring is used only in areas currently served with underground utilities.
  • Street light supports are always placed on public right-of-way. They are installed along the edge of pavement, in the planting strip or behind the sidewalk so they will not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Should Duke Power have a need to install cable on private property, overhead or underground, the submittal of the petition is recognized as granting Duke Power the right to make such installations. In these rare instances, addition of underground cable is typically the reason and a 6" trench is generally sufficient.
  • Private items in the right-of-way, such as sprinkler systems, invisible fencing, cables, wires, pvc conduits, household water lines, etc. are NOT the responsibility of Duke Power or the City of Charlotte. It is recommended that such items be removed from right-of-way. At minimum, they should be flagged or otherwise marked so that they may be avoided.
  • The Charlotte Department of Transportation retains exclusive authority to determine final placement of all street lights.