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Truck Routes
Commercial trucks traveling through the City of Charlotte must comply with the City’s truck ordinance. Whether taking on or discharging goods, or traveling through the City, commercial vehicles must remain on designated truck routes until a point closest to their destination. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from using residential streets or any street posted “no trucks” unless taking on or discharging goods, or it is the only street that accesses a destination.

Albemarle Road:  between Independence Boulevard and Eastern City Limits/Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road

Atando Avenue:  
between North Tryon Street and I-77

Belhaven Boulevard:  
between Brookshire Blvd. and Northwestern City Limits/Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road

Berryhill Road:  between Freedom Drive and Thrift Road

Billy Graham Parkway:   between Interstate 85 and Woodlawn Road (US 521)

North Brevard Street:  between Eleventh Street and North Davidson Street

Brookshire Boulevard:  between Brookshire Freeway and Northwestern City Limits

Camden Road:  between South Tryon Street and West Boulevard

Caswell Road:  between East Fourth Street and Providence Road

Chesapeake Drive:  between Auten Road and Hoskins Road

South Clarkson Street: between Morehead Street and I-77

Craighead Road:  between North Davidson Street and North Tryon Street

Dalton Avenue:  between North Tryon Street and Statesville Avenue

North Davidson Street: between East Craighead Road and East Sugar Creek Road

East Boulevard:   between Camden Road and South Boulevard

Eleventh Street:   between McDowell Street and Graham Street

West Fifth Street:   between West Sixth Street and Cedar Street

Fourth Street:   between Caswell Road and McDowell Street

Freedom Drive: between I-77 and Mount Holly Road

Graham Street:   between West Sugar Creek Road and Mint Street

Griffith Street:   between New Bern Street and South Tryon Street

Hoskins Road:   between Brookshire Boulevard and Rozzelles Ferry Road

Hovis Road:   between Brookshire Boulevard and Tar Heel Road

Independence Boulevard:   between Kenilworth Avenue/I-277 and Eastern City Limits

Interstate 77

Interstate 85

Interstate 277

Interstate 485

Jordan Place:  between North Brevard Street and Matheson Avenue

Lawton Road:   between Rozzelles Ferry Road and Chesapeake Drive

Louise Avenue:   between Independence Boulevard and Tenth Street

McDowell Street:   between Tenth Street and Morehead Street

South Mint Street:   between Stonewall Street and Summit Avenue

Morehead Street:   between Wilkinson Boulevard and McDowell Street

Mount Holly Road:   between Freedom Drive and Northwest City Limits

Nations Ford Road:   between South Tryon Street and East Arrowood Road

New Bern Street:   between South Boulevard and Griffith Street

Old Pineville Road:  between Woodlawn Road and East Arrowood Road

Old Statesville Road:  between Sunset Road and Northern City Limits

Pineville-Matthews Road:  between Western and Eastern City Limits (NC 51)

Providence Road:   between Third Street and McKee Road

Providence Road:  between Allison Lane and Southern City Limits

Remount Road:   between Wilkinson Boulevard and South Blvd.

Rozzelles Ferry Road:   between Beatties Ford Road and Mount Holly Road

Sixteenth Street:   between North Brevard Street and North Tryon Street

West Sixth Street:   between North Graham Street and West Fifth Street

South Boulevard:   between Morehead Street and Southern City Limits

Statesville Avenue:   between North Graham Street and Northern City Limits

Sugar Creek Road:   between North Tryon Street and North Davidson Street

Summit Avenue:   between South Clarkson Street and South Tryon Street

Tenth Street:   between Louise Avenue and McDowell Street

Third Street:   between McDowell Street and Providence Road

Thrift Road:   between Freedom Drive and Tuckaseegee Road

Twenty-Fourth Street:   between North Graham Street and North Tryon Street

West Trade Street:   between Graham Street and Rozzelles Ferry Road

North Tryon Street:   between Eleventh Street and Northern City Limits

South Tryon Street:   between Morehead Street and Southern City Limits

Tuckaseegee Road:   between West Trade Street and Berryhill Road

Tremont Avenue:   between South Boulevard and South Tryon Street

University City Boulevard:   between North Tryon Street and Northeastern City Limits

West Boulevard:   between Camden Road and Western City Limits

Wilkinson Boulevard:   between Interstate 77 and Western City Limits

Woodlawn Road:   between South Tryon Street and South Boulevard

Woodward Avenue:   between North Graham Street and Statesville Avenue

Yancey Road:   between Old Pineville Road and South Tryon Street