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Facts About Speeding
  • Speeding is the act of exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast for existing conditions.
  • Speeding is the #1 violation in fatal motor vehicle crashes.
  • In North Carolina, 1 person is killed or injured in speed-related crashes every 22 minutes.
  • Motor vehicle traffic-related injury is the leading cause of death in Mecklenburg County among those aged 1 – 14. Death rates are twice as high among males than females but injury rates are higher for females.
  • The average American is more likely to be involved in a traffic crash than be a victim of a crime.
  • The greatest number of motor vehicle occupant injuries occurs among those aged 15 to 24.
  • A driver is 6 times more likely to have an accident when traveling at 25% above the average speed (examples: 44/35 mph zone; 69/55 mph zone; 88/70 mph zone).
  • There is a direct correlation between speeding and road rage incidents: it is one of the most common offenses committed by the aggressive driver.
  • Speeding is the Triple Threat:
            1) Speeding increases the likelihood of crashing. 
            2) Speeding reduces the amount of available time to avoid a crash. 
            3) Speeding increases the severity of a crash once it occurs.
  • Speeding is a choice over which the driver has complete control.