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Speed Humps

Speed humps are raised sections of the roadway constructed to reduce vehicular speeds. Similar to a speed bump, the speed hump is wider and has a more sloping side taper. The physical impact on passing vehicles is less severe at slower speeds than at higher speeds. Studies show that speed humps can reduce speeds by approximately five to six mph. Also, speed humps reduce vehicular speeds between intersections, something multiway stops cannot address.

​The speed hump has a length of approximately 22 feet and a height at its center of approximately 3 and 5/8 inches.
Sharon and Malvern Hump6 copy.jpg

The Charlotte Department of Transportation allows for the installation of speed humps on city streets.   Speed humps are permitted when neighborhood streets meet the eligibility requirements and interested residents can fulfill any of the following processes:

If you meet these requirements, request a speed hump using this form