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Urban Street Design Guidelines

The Urban Street Design Guidelines (USDG) is the implementation tool for planning and designing Charlotte's streets and for providing viable transportation choices for all Charlotteans. The USDG is intended to create "complete" streets (video)leaving site--streets that provide capacity and mobility for motorists, while also being safer and more comfortable for pedestrians, cyclists, and neighborhood residents.

City Council adopted the USDG in 2007. The key intentions of the USDG are reflected in the USDG Policy Summary Document. The individual USDG chapters and full version are available below. You can receive update notices on this page by clicking on the "Notify Me" button at the top of the page.

Intersection with turning and bicycle lanes
We can't keep widening our roads, so we have to broaden our thinking.
RevUSDGChapter1KHO23.pdfChapter 1: Redefining Charlotte Streets811 KB
RevUSDGChapter2KH023.pdfChapter 2: Designing Streets for Multiple Users984 KB
RevUSDGChapter3KHO24.pdfChapter 3: Applying the Guidelines1772 KB
RevUSDGChapter4KHO23.pdfChapter 4: Segments2249 KB
RevUSDGChapter5KHO23.pdfChapter 5: Intersections990 KB
RevUSDGChapter6KHO23.pdfChapter 6: Glossary1187 KB
ALOSStandardsAppendixApril05.pdfAppendix A: Multimodal Level of Service at Signalized Intersections27 KB
AppendixBCDOTPedestrianBicycleLOSMethodologyforSignalizedIntersectionsFEB2007.pdfAppendix B: Pedestrian and Bicycle Level of Service at Signalized Intersections550 KB
CCurbRadiiAppendixJuly07.pdfAppendix C: Curb Radii140 KB
USDG Full Document small.pdfUSDG Full Document5773 KB

How is the USDG being applied?
The USDG is applied through a variety of processes, including capital projects, area plans and land development. To date, this includes a total of:

  • 11 New or re-constructed thoroughfares
  • 26 Streetscape and road conversion projects
  • 12 Rebuilt intersections
  • Over 100 sidewalk projects with more underway

These projects reflect Charlotte's approach to designing and building streets that improve safety and neighborhood livability, promote transportation choices and create long-lasting value. 
The USDG is also being applied during the area planning process. The award winning South Corridor Station Area Plans were among the first area plans to apply the USDG to select appropriate street classifications, street intervals and street cross-sections based on planned land uses. Thus far, the USDG recommendations have been included in 12 area plans. 
Key aspects of the USDG have been incorporated into ordinances that affect streets. The Subdivision Ordinance, Tree Ordinance, and Land Development Standards Manual were updated in 2010. Ordinance changes were adopted in December 2010.

How Can I Get More Information About the USDG?

If you would like more information please contact Tracy Newsome at

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