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I-277/I-77 Loop Strategic Plan (Uptown Loop Study)
Background and Purpose

As Charlotte grows, there is a continued need to evaluate the future capacity, operational and safety conditions of the Uptown Loop. In late fall of 2011, the City of Charlotte led an effort to study the Uptown Loop. This study focused on the evaluation of long-term, cost-effective operational improvements for the I-277/I-77 Loop around Uptown. This study also addressed the recommendations of the 2020 Center City Vision Plan. View the study area map

The urban context makes it essential to evaluate the set of project options that are consistent with existing adopted plans. Also, the physical elements of the future Uptown Loop need to be compatible with the City's vision for multimodal transportation and neighborhood plans. These plans will help sustain and enhance the vitality of the largest “downtown area” between the Nation’s capital and Atlanta, Georgia.

Overview of Interstates surrounding the Uptown area.

The resulting document from the Uptown Loop Study, the I-277/I-77 Loop Strategic Plan, is now helping define projects for inclusion in the 2040 Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CARTPO) Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

The study is was funded by the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO), now CARTPO, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

Uptown Loop Study Frequently Asked Questions


The Uptown Loop Study started in late fall of 2011. CDOT, NCDOT, Charlotte Center City Partners and consultants reviewed existing conditions and potential concepts for operational improvements to the Uptown Loop. A public workshop was held in early June of 2012 to collect public input. The study was completed in June of 2013. 

    The following are concept plans from a public workshop on June 5, 2012:
    Project Development and Implementation Process
    Map 1: I-77 Concepts (Belk Freeway to Trade Street)
    Map 2: I-77 Concepts (Trade Street to Brookshire Freeway)
    Map 3: Brookshire Freeway Concepts (Graham Street to Davidson Street)
    Map 4: I-277 Concepts (Kenilworth Avenue to Independence Boulevard)


A Technical Oversight Team (TOT) has provided input on the Loop Study from the beginning.  This team included staff from various City departments, NCDOT, MUMPO, Charlotte Center City Partners and the study consultant, RS&H.  Based on public input and the Technical Oversight Team meetings, a number of concepts were further developed.  The concepts are shown in the resulting I-277/I-77 Loop Strategic Plan.

 I-277/I-77 Loop Strageic Plan (Loop Study Final Report)

A. Full Report40142 KB A. Full Report.pdf
B. Executive Summary12811 KB B. Executive Summary.pdf
C. Chapter 1. Introduction21845 KB C. Chapter 1. Introduction.pdf
D. Chapter 2 Planning Process15057 KB D. Chapter 2  Planning Process.pdf
E. Chapter 3 Existing Conditions20078 KB E. Chapter 3  Existing Conditions.pdf
F. Chapter 4. Potential Concepts and Ranking17599 KB F. Chapter 4. Potential Concepts and Ranking.pdf
G. Chapter 5. Recommendations12904 KB G. Chapter 5. Recommendations.pdf
H. Appendix A13110 KB H. Appendix A.pdf
I. Appendix B15897 KB I. Appendix B.pdf
J. Appendix C15837 KB J. Appendix C.pdf

Please contact Vivian Coleman at the Charlotte Department of Transportation if you have further questions at or at 704-336-4275.