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Center City Transportation Plan
Center City:
A Destination of Choices

Center City Charlotte. It's where you live, work, eat, shop and play. Choices are boundless. You can live in a quiet neighborhood or a bustling high-rise. You can watch a basketball game or an opera.

Read the plan or just scan the policies on the bottom of this page. The recent products of the plan include:
  • The Uptown Pedestrian and Vehicular Wayfinding System
  • The I-277/Caldwell Street/South Boulevard Interchange
  • The conversion of South Brevard and South Caldwell Streets to two-way operations
  • The installation of pedestrian and bicycle improvements on the South Tryon Street bridge over I-277
Uptown Charlotte streetscape

Once you arrive uptown, virtually everyone becomes a pedestrian.

Projects underway include:

  • West Fourth Street Extension- Conversion from four lanes to two lanes with bike lanes from Johnson and Wales Way to South Summit Avenue
  • Johnson & Wales Way- Reconfigure to remove high-speed transitions
  • South Tryon Street- Conversion from four lanes to three lanes with bike lanes and wider sidewalks between Stonewall Street and Carson Boulevard
  • South Mint Street- Conversion (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Trade Street) as well as Poplar Street (Third Street to Sixth Street) to two-way upon opening of Romare Bearden Park.
  • I-277 underpass and overpass improvements
  • Implementation of the Pedestrian and Vehicular Wayfinding System and Parking Guidance System
  • Implementation of the Curb Lane Management Study Pilot Project
  • Development of the I-277/I-77 Uptown Loop Study
For more information, contact Vivian Coleman at

Center City Transportation Plan

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Checked Out To: Smith, PamBExecutiveSummary.pdf
Checked Out To: Smith, PamB: Executive Summary243 KB
CIntroductionVisionFramework.pdfC: Introduction, Vision and Framework3036 KB
DTransportationPlan.pdfD: Transportation Plan6905 KB
EImplementation.pdfE: Implementation328 KB
FAppendixATrafficAnalysis.pdfF: Appendix A. Traffic Analysis326 KB
GAppendixBParkingCollaborative.pdfG: Appendix B. Parking Collaborative237 KB
CCTSEnhancementGuidelinesMap4.24.06.pdfMap: Enhancement Guidelines3193 KB
CenterCityTransportationPlanPolicies4.24.06.pdfPolicy Statements32 KB