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Sidewalk Request Nomination Form Instructions
In accordance with the City of Charlotte Sidewalk Retrofit Policy adopted by the Charlotte City Council on June 13, 2011, residents can formally request a sidewalk be constructed on a City street.

City staff will identify and rank sidewalk needs along thoroughfares.
Residents must nominate non-thoroughfare streets for sidewalks by submitting a nomination form to the City. This process is outlined below. After a nomination form is submitted, the sidewalk will be added to the Sidewalk Priority List.
Requesting Sidewalks 

  • Residents can request a sidewalk by contacting the City of Charlotte at 311 or by filling out an online form. City staff will investigate the request and notify the resident of the tier that the sidewalk request falls under and will advise of the appropriate process to follow.
  • Sidewalk requests on thoroughfares do not require a nomination form. Staff will evaluate the sidewalk request and place on the Sidewalk Priority List. 
  • Sidewalk requests on non-thoroughfare streets that have not been identified or requested, a valid nomination form is required to be submitted. Nomination form instructions can be found on the form at the bottom of this page. 
  • A sidewalk will be ranked by the City when a valid nomination form is submitted which contains the signatures of at least 25% of property owners or tenants on both sides of the street. The sidewalk will then be placed on the ranking list. 
  • When the project nears the top of the Sidewalk Ranking List, CDOT will hold a public information meeting. 
  • City staff will determine the most appropriate side of the street for sidewalk installation based on design consideration and neighborhood input from two public meetings. 
  • After the public meetings are held, a petition signed by at least 60% of the property owners on both sides of the street is required to be submitted. When submitted, the sidewalk will then be placed on the Sidewalk Priority List. 
  • CDOT will build sidewalks along street sections with the highest priority rating as funding becomes available.