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Pedestrian Plan

Taking Steps to Improve Charlotte's Walkability
CDOT is committed to providing safe and accessible pedestrian facilities for both residents and visitors of Charlotte.

What is a Pedestrian Plan?
A pedestrian plan is a comprehensive document that serves as a master plan for pedestrian accommodation and encouragement programs to increase walking in our cities. Usually a stand-alone document, pedestrian plans provide: 
  • Guidance on best practices, priorities and opportunities
  • Frameworks for City staff, developers, officials and the general public to include pedestrians in the planning process
  • An opportunity to coordinate the efforts of all agencies involved in the planning and design of pedestrian facilities
  • Public outreach and awareness of pedestrian needs

Does Charlotte have an adopted Pedestrian Plan?
Charlotte does not have a stand-alone document entitled “Pedestrian Plan.” Charlotte has chosen a unique approach to promote walking. Recognizing that walkability can only happen when transportation and land-use policies are aligned to plan for people, the City’s pedestrian policies are incorporated into many City adopted plans and policies. These documents include: 

How Does Charlotte Promote Walkability?
Charlotte has created reference documents to support updates to existing policies, plans and practice. How the City develops greatly impacts walkability and pedestrian safety. The two documents created to move Charlotte closer to a walk friendly community: 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Scott Correll, AICP
Transportation Planner II