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A bicycle friendly community offers a higher quality life. Bicycling provides an alternative to congested streets, a cleaner environment and contributes to improved physical health and mental well being. As in other cities, more people in Charlotte are discovering these and many other benefits of bicycling. The Charlotte Department of Transportation Bicycle Program is working to make bicycling in Charlotte safer and more efficient. The City has adopted long range bicycle plans identifying steps to help Charlotte become a city where cyclists can feel comfortable riding to work, running errands or simply enjoying a neighborhood ride with the family.

Charlotte is building the infrastructure to make cycling better. In the coming years, the City will increase its inventory of bike lanes, signed routes, paved shoulders and bicycle racks. In recognition of its efforts to improve its bicycle environment, the City of Charlotte was recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a 2008-2012 Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) at the bronze level.

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City of Charlotte Bicycle Plan

CoverTOC072208.pdfCover and Table of Contents17770 KB
AppendixA070708.pdfAppendix A20 KB
AppendixB082808.pdfAppendix B77 KB
ChapterOne072208.pdfChapter 1: Introduction163 KB
ChapterTwo070708.pdfChapter 2: Why Charlotte Needs a Bicycle Plan221 KB
ChapterThree072208.pdfChapter 3: Policy Review and Recommendations208 KB
ChapterFour072208.pdfChapter 4: Existing Conditions8407 KB
ChapterFive070708.pdfChapter 5: Future Conditions15203 KB
ChapterSix070708.pdfChapter 6: Bicycle Education and Encouragement188 KB
ChapterSeven070708.pdfChapter 7: Bicycle Facility Engineering and Maintenance Design Guidelines1393 KB
ChapterEight073008.pdfChapter 8: Implementation and Funding14825 KB
ChapterNine070708.pdfChapter 9: Conclusion73 KB
ExecutiveSummary072208.pdfBike Executive Summary10530 KB




For more information on CDOT's Bicycle Program, contact the Bicycle Program Manager Ken Tippette at 704-336-2278.