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Benefits of Sidewalks

From the Federal Highway Administration's Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access

  • Pedestrians have an easier time pushing shopping carts, luggage and other wheeled devices
  • All pedestrians are able to choose trail experiences that best suit their needs, skill level and desired experience
  • Parents are able to more easily push children in strollers on sidewalks and trails with accessible surfaces
  • Young children can use curb ramps when riding their bicycles
  • Children, parents and school systems benefit from sidewalk networks with visible pedestrian crossings and other safety features
  • Children learn independence by having a safer place to travel
  • A good system of sidewalks may allow older pedestrians who no longer drive to walk to services and socialize in their community, while offering a continued independent lifestyle
  • Businesses can load and unload goods more easily
  • Wide sidewalks can be gathering places in neighborhoods and business districts, and offer space for family and friends to walk and socialize together
  • Wide sidewalks in business communities offer an opportunity for trees, landscaping and other amenities that create an inviting place for customers to shop and do business
  • Well-maintained sidewalks and trails encourage exercise and provide the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
older couple strolling a neighborhood sidewalk