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Parking Pay Stations

Charlotte' s new "going green"  Parking Pay Stations

Located in Center City, the new Parking Pay Stations offer payment versatility and improved functionality. It's so easy to use a parking pay station. You can even pay by VISA or MasterCard. Besides that, it improves the look of city streetscapes on sidewalks. The pay stations are not only energy efficient, most models are completely solar-powered. Beside that, it improves the look of city streetscapes on sidewalks.


 1. Here's where it works:

(current and new locations)

  • Gateway Village-West Trade Street & North Cedar Street
  • North Tryon Street & South Tryon Street
  • North College Street & South College Street
  • North Davidson Street
  • North Church Street
  • East Trade Street
  • East Third Street
  • East Fourth Street
parking pay station

2. Here's how it works:

  • Note your space number at the curb where you park.
  • Pay at the nearest pay station by pressing any button to start, entering your space number, inserting money for time needed, using coins, credit card or Park It! tokens
  • Take a receipt that shows your space number and when your parking time expires (you don't have to display it)  

3. Here's why it's a good thing:

  • Accepts debit/credit card payments in addition to coins
  • Allows you to pay for your space at any Parking Pay Station
  • Improves streetscape on sidewalks
  • Improves look over traditional parking meters with sleeker new design
  • Reduces downtime with fewer meter malfunctions
  • Returns non-valid coins
  • Offers wireless real-time data transfer  

Who can help with questions?
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Park It! at 704-375-3177. 

City of Charlotte
Department of Transportation
Park It! Office
1440 South Tryon St., Suite 108
Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704-375-3177
Fax: 704-375-5392