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Stay Alert, Stay Safe


Contact: Linda Durrett, CDOT Communications and Public Relations Manager

Stay Alert, Stay Safe
Charlotte, NC— The Charlotte Department of Transportation is reminding all transportation system users to stay alert during two nationally recognized educational campaigns. 
National Work Zone Awareness Week 2014, April 7 – 14 –“Work Zone Speeding: A Costly Mistake”
Every day, thousands of workers are out in Charlotte streets doing their jobs, repairing streets, installing and fixing utilities, gathering trash and helping make Charlotte beautiful. CDOT joins with the Federal Highway Administration to bring attention to motorist and worker safety and mobility issues in work zones.  The consequences of speeding through a work zone include jail time, fines or even loss of life. 

Motorists traveling through work zone areas should slow down, be alert and extra cautious.  Drivers should get in the correct lane well in advance and constantly be on the lookout for vehicles merging into adjacent travel lanes as they approach a work zone.  Drivers should double their following distance.

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Over 25% of all crashes in 2012, nationally and in Charlotte, can be attributed to distracted driving.  CDOT joins with the National Safety Council to raise awareness of this issue.  Distracted driving includes focusing on anything other than driving, including eating and drinking, reading a map, adjusting a radio, talking or texting on a phone, applying make-up and even conversing with passengers.  Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to be vigilant about their and others’ safety, and to refrain from distractions while driving, cycling or walking.

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The Charlotte Department of Transportation's (CDOT) more than 400 employees work together to ensure we accomplish our mission to provide safe and efficient transportation systems that support economic vitality and quality of life for Charlotte residents and visitors. Well-paved streets with lighting, safe and accessible sidewalks, bicycle lanes, neighborhood traffic programs and efficient intersections are examples of how CDOT is "Connecting Charlotte."