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Application Services
  • The Application Services Team provides end-to-end service for solving business
    needs with software applications. 
  • Consulting - assist in the evaluation, procurement, and implementation of an application system from a vendor.
  • Application Management – manage the technical aspects of business software applications so your resources can concentrate on business issues rather than technical issues.
  • Application Development - design and build applications and interfaces specifically for your business.
  • Biztalk (SOA) Management – the Biztalk environment is new and is designated as the centerpiece for the City’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiative. The Applications Services Team, working with the Data Service Team, provide support and assistance with developing Biztalk applications, and releasing Biztalk applications into the enterprise Biztalk environment.
Within the Application Services Team are several service areas:

  • PeopleSoft – technical support for the PeopleSoft HR/Payroll system.
  • Utility Management System – technical support for the Ventyx Advantage Utility Management System and the Ventyx Field Service Suite.
  • GEAC – technical support for the suite of GEAC financials.
  • GIS Team – technical support for the Enterprise GIS Spatial DataWarehouse servers, and development and support of GIS-related applications.
  • Customer Service Systems Team - various development and support services such as Emerald support, BizTalk support, Microsoft-related development, and Technical Coordination for projects.
  • Call Center Applications – technical support for the Avaya and Verint call management applications used by the City’s call centers.
  • WAM – technical support for the Work and Asset Management system (CityWorks).

Application Management
While there are many variations of application management provided, it basically falls into the following categories:

(1) Full - We have a dedicated resource or team for the application system. It may be a commercial system, or an application system or process that we wrote in house and fully support. For example, PeopleSoft, Utility Management System (Advantage), Emerald.

(2) Extended - For COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) systems, we may write interfaces, or reports, or have a large role in the administration of the system. The application was written outside of BSS/IT, so BSS/IT works with the vendor to resolve problems. An application written by BSS/IT may fall into this category of support when it's a legacy system that the City no longer considers viable to modify with new features.

(3) Basic - We provide services such as Change and Release Management, Implementation Management (helping install new releases), Technical Project Management, troubleshooting, and coordination with the vendor on technical tasks.