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The 411 for Property Managers and Property Owners & Real Estate Agents
As property owners, property managers and real estate agents you want the best for your tenants and the properties you sell, manage and rent. The ability to provide quality solid waste services and to educate tenants on the services available and how to use them, helps you do your job.

The City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services understands this and wants to help you by providing the following resources:

Solid Waste Services provides residential collection services for single-family homes and multi-family properties in the city limits. The services provided to single-family homes differs from the services provided to multi-family homes.

Single-family Properties
If you are selling, managing or renting a single-family home or multi-family property with fewer than 30 units, the property qualifies for the same services offered to single-family homes through the City's Curb It! program.

Multi-family Properties
If you are selling, managing or renting a multi-family property with 30 or more units or a property being serviced by a dumpster or compactor, the property qualifies for garbage, recycling and bulky item collection services. These services are provided through a contract with a private hauler and do not include yard waste service. Get more information on initiating and managing these services.

As an added benefit we also provide support to complexes to assist them in educating their tenants on garbage, recycling and bulky item collection services. For more information, contact the Multi-family Contract Administrator at 704-432-3537.