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Corporate Communications & Marketing
We’re a division of the City Manager’s Office charged with creating innovative and strategic communications and marketing solutions for the City’s departments. We are also the lead contact for media relations and are the main responder to public information requests.
For the most up to date news, visit our Newsroom.
To make a public information request, email us.
We work closely with external partners such as Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA), NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Center City Partners, Charlotte Regional Partnership, Arts and Science Council and Charlotte Regional Sports Commission to promote our City and manage citywide events such as the CIAA or recruit the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Tune Into Us
Through a partnership with Time Warner Cable, local government programming is carried on Cable 16 or Digital 97-2.

GOV Channel

Corporate Communications & Marketing is responsible for the programming produced or carried on the GOV Channel. We’re proud to be the area’s only government/public affairs station.
Citizens can watch their local officials most weeks make important policy decisions on the GOV Channel. Visit the GOV Channel to learn more.
Connect With Us
In addition to traditional communication methods we disseminate news to citizens via CMail along with electronic updates through our Notify Me online subscription services. 
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Corporate Communications & Marketing advances the City’s corporate vision by offering a comprehensive approach by integrating our communication and marketing resources. These resources include strategic planning, project management, creative services, media research and buying, media relations, tracking media coverage, media training, special event management, telecasting of City Council and County Commission Meetings and local programming on The GOV Channel, web services to support and and corporate brand management.
We’re proud to manage the City’s brand which features the coveted City crown signature mark. The logo cannot be used without permission from Corporate Communications.
We also help recruit and retain our talent by communicating benefits and news to more than 6,700 City employees.  We produce CROWN Magazine, an employee newsletter, CROWN ENews and distribute e-blasts to keep employees informed and motivated. We engage in partnerships with community and business partners to increase the public’s knowledge and access to City services.

Meet Us

Corporate Communications & Marketing is here to serve and inform the public.

Shawn Proffitt
Corporate Web Content Manager

Jason Lampton
Marketing & Creative Supervisor 704-336-6587

Wendy Bing
GOV Channel & Video Services Manager

Sandy D'Elosua
Corporate Communications & Marketing

Traci Ethridge
Assistant Director
Corporate Communications & Marketing