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Charlotte Streets Receive Escalated Treatment Plan
Friday, January 25, 2013

Contact: Linda Durrett, 704-336-3902

The Charlotte Department of Transportation has upgraded its winter weather road treatment plan. CDOT is now treating Charlotte’s major thoroughfares, connector streets, bus routes and bridges and culverts today with salt for the ongoing winter weather event. 

City Street Maintenance crews are currently operating on a “Condition B” which will last for the duration of the storm. This condition calls for 32 trucks, 64 crew members and 16 support staff. Black ice could be forming as early as this afternoon, especially on bridges, culverts and low-lying areas as temperatures drop.  As the storm progresses, evaluation of conditions will be ongoing and adjusted as warranted.
CDOT will target salting for “Condition B” on
  • Major thoroughfares
  • Connector streets
  • Bus routes
  • Bridges & culverts on City streets and selected NCDOT streets
  • Hospital entrances
  • Emergencies that are called in
Motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians should be cautious if they must travel in wintry weather conditions.  Drive slowly, turn on your headlights so that you can be seen and allow extra following distance and commute time. Stay back from heavy equipment salting and brining the roads.  Allow emergency vehicles plenty of room to get around you. Should you get salt or brine on your vehicle, a good wash should remove it. Pedestrians and bicyclists should also be especially cautious, remembering that vehicles will need extra stopping time and precipitation may obscure a good view of you. 
Citizens should report icy road conditions by calling CharMeck 311. Also, reports of routine icing on City streets can be called in to 704-336-3200. Actual emergencies and accidents should be called in to 911.