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Automatic Bank Draft

You can pay your bill using either your checking or savings account.

How does it work?
Your water and sewer payment will automatically deduct from your checking or savings account each month. There are no checks to write, stamps to purchase, or bills to sort. Best of all the service is FREE, because there are no enrollment or service fees using EZ Pay!
You will receive a monthly statement indicating the amount and date the payment will be drafted. Rest easy that your water and sewer bill will be paid automatically and on time.

How do you sign up?
Complete the EZ Pay Authorization Form and mail it with a voided check. For savings accounts, mail the form with a voided withdrawal slip. Please submit the information to the following address:

Attention: EZ Pay
City of Charlotte Finance Department
P.O. Box 31032
Charlotte, NC  28231-1032

Click here for EZ Pay Authorization Form

Initial set up will take four to six weeks. We will confirm your participation and notify you when your EZ Pay payments will begin. For more information, please contact the CharMeck 311 at (704) 336-7600.
Note: you must have Adobe Reader to download the sign-up form: