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Employee Development

Organizational Commitment to Learning

The City of Charlotte is committed to the development of its employees. This commitment is evidenced in our organizational structure, guiding principals and balanced scorecard.

  • The City's Guiding Principles include an assertion to "recruit and retain a skilled, diverse workforce."
  • Develop Employees is a major component of the City's Balanced Scorecard. Every department is required to have objectives that support the corporate goal to "Promote Learning and Growth." Develop Employees is also one of four expectations that the City Manager has for Department Directors. They report on this in their annual performance reviews.
  • The Organizational Development & Learning Team is strategically placed reporting to the HR Director who provides direction for learning initiatives. The team is charged with providing learning and consulting services to the City's fourteen departments.

The Organization Development and Learning Team

The Organizational Development and Learning Team will be recognized as an integral partner in the success of the City, an innovator at the forefront of a learning organization and a provider of vital, quality services.

Our mission is to help City employees improve their performance by providing appropriate and varied opportunities for learning.

The Organizational Development and Learning Team provides the following types of services:

  • Employee skill development
  • Internal management consulting services
  • Group facilitation services

Employee skill development services include:

  • Business skill development
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Leadership development initiatives
  • Technology training