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Focus Area Plans
The City of Charlotte has selected five key focus areas that help maintain our quality of life. These focus areas provide direction to City staff based on guidance and priorities set by the Mayor and City Council.  Focus areas are reviewed annually for accountability and to ensure they remain reflective of our community's needs.  Learn more about our focus areas: Housing & Neighborhood Development, Community Safety, Transporation, Economic Development & Planning, and the Environment.

To assist the City Council with learning about issues, and discussing options there are City Council Subcommittees that include the five focus areas:

Housing & Neighborhood Development Focus Area
The Housing & Neighborhood Development Focus is an initiative designed to comprehensively deal with economic development and quality of life issues in Charlotte's older urban neighborhoods and business areas.
Strategic Initiatives
Current Committee Documents

Community Safety Focus Area
The committee's charge is to focus the Council on initiatives to reduce crime and make the most effective use of City government resources in making Charlotte a safer community.
- Strategic Initiatives
- Current Committee Agendas

Transportation Focus Area
As a regional growth center Charlotte needs to upgrade and expand its transportation infrastructure and services including a regional network view.  The charge of the Transportation Committee is to look at local issues as well as direct the vote of the local representative to the regional council.
Strategic Initiatives
Current Committee Agendas

Economic Development Focus Area
Because a strong economic environment is essential for the community's long term health the Economic Development Committee works to provide direction that supports development of an educated and trained work force, fosters partnerships to aid local economic growth, retains and attracts quality businesses, supports business development and contributes to the economy.
- Strategic Initiatives
- Current Committee Documents

Environmental Focus Area
The Charlotte City Council is taking measures to safeguard the environment by focusing the City's priorities on this area.
- Strategic Initiatives
- Current Committee Agendas

Other Committees
In addition to the Focus Area Committee the City Council also meets in committee to discuss these issues:
- Budget
Restructuring Government
- Government Affairs

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