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City Strategy

The City of Charlotte's strategic planning process begins with an examination of organizational mission, core values and vision. It ends with the development of a game plan that translates these concepts into actions that align organizational philosophy.

Strategy is an integral component of the overall management philosophy. The strategic plan translates mission into actions and actions into outcomes. The strategy is two fold: align with the mission of the organization and attend to the vision of the City.

Developing an organizational strategy means making choices and decisions. Defining strategy means addressing needs that will help achieve the desired future for our community and organization. The integration of resources and strategy demonstrates how the budget supports core services, Council Priorities, and Focus Area goals which in turn facilitate the achievement of the City's vision and mission.

Council's Strategic Plan is a critical tool used in making budget recommendations. City Strategy is documented in the Focus Area Plan and includes corporate objectives that guide and direct planning, decision making and the accomplishments of the vision and mission.

City's Vision:
The City of Charlotte will be a model of excellence that puts citizens first. Skilled, diverse, and motivated employees will be known for providing quality and value in all areas of service. We will be a platform for vital economic activity that gives Charlotte a competitive edge in the marketplace. We will partner with citizens and businesses to make this a community of choice for living, working and leisure activities.

City's Mission
The mission of the City of Charlotte to ensure the delivery of quality public services that promote safety, health, and quality of life of its citizens.

Corporate Objectives

Overview of Charlotte's Focus Areas