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ED Initiatives for FY2010
Economic Development Focus Area FY2010
Initiative Measure Target Prior Year
ED.1 Promote a healthy business climate by:
1) implementing a strong business expansion and retention effort, exploring with the Chamber the effectiveness and metrics of BusinessFirst Charlotte
2) addressing the needs of Charlotte's largest employers, and developing strategies and growing employment in: renewable energy, green industry, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, emerging industries and high growth/ high tech companies (including an update of City's Strategic Plan and a strategy for use of available industrial land,
3) working with internal and external partners to grow Charlotte's hospitality industry, including quarterly tracking of hospitality revenue streams and exploring partnerships to expand amateur sports
A. Job growth in new sectors A. 5% increase (develop baseline information) A. FY08 - New measure
  B. Number of existing businesses visited and serviced through BusinessFirst Charlotte, the City's business retention and expansion program B. Total 400 (Business Corridors: 120) B. FY 08: 416
    FY 07: 174
  C. Percentage increase in hospitality tax revenues and room nights generated by amateur sports C.
--- 3% increase in all hospitality tax revenues
--- 5% increase in amateur sport room nights


C. New measure FY08  (percentage increase in amateur sports room nights)
    FY 08 - 9% increase in all hospitality tax revenues
    FY 07 - 27% (increase over base: 11%)
ED.2 Ensure that small businesses have the opportunity to participate in informal City procurement and contracts through increasing SBE utilization and participation in SBE development programs A. Percentage of informal contracting dollars awarded to SBE's A. 12% A. FY 08 - 12.1%
    FY 07 - 13.7%
  B. Number of SBEs submitting bids on informal contracts B. New Measure  
ED.3 Enhance Workforce Development A. Number of youth accessing skills assessment and training at JobLink Centers A. 1,500 youth at JobLink Centers and place 500 youth in jobs A. FY08: 945 trained/ 273 placed
  B. Promote strategy and develop partner-ships to retrain displaced workers B. Inventory/ evaluation/ adjustment of City's workforce retraining efforts, including online services B. FY08 New measure
ED.4 Advance Business Corridor Revitalization and Redevelopment A.. Advance/ complete development of priority projects and corridors A-1. Eastland Mall (MOU by December 2009

A-2. Five Business Corridors:
--- North Tryon (Developer by September 2009)
--- Independence Blvd. Phase II (begin implementation Fall 2009
--- Rozzelles Ferry (Greenway Business Park completed by December 2011)
--- Beatties Ford (begin one redevelopment project)
--- Freedom/ Wilkinson/ Morehead - leverage Bryant Park project and County's Freedom Center
--- Conduct Urban Market Studies and Recruitment for Corridors

A. FY08
--- Held a corridor symposium
--- Began independence Blvd. Phase II
--- Grant program revisions approved by City Council
--- Identified catalyst sites on North Tryon
--- Continue implementation of ULI recommendations for Eastland Mall
ED.5 Promote infill development/ re-development in the Center City, distressed business districts and adjacent neighborhoods and transit station locations A. Building permit value of construction in the Center City, Business Service Program Geography, and within 1/2 mile of identified transit station locations A. $500 million



A. FY08: $819,000,000
    FY07: $732,528,837
  B. Number of recommended new capital projects implemented in area plans B. Initiate two new area plan capital projects B. FY08 - Inventory of area plans completed and presented to City Council
ED.6 Advocate Business Facilitation/ Business Process Improvements A. Average number of reviews on all land development permitting submissions A. < 2.5 reviews A. New measure
  B. Percentage of permitting report initiatives implemented B. 100% B. FY08 - 12 initiatives endorsed by City Council
  C. Conduct "competitive advantage" analysis of permitting systems and processes C. Elimination of system barriers/ conflict/ impediments in application of regulations C. FY08 - New measure