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Council-Manager Relations Committee

Charlotte City government is committed to providing the community with the best services at the lowest cost.  

Meeting Schedules and Agendas

The Restructuring Government Committee is one of the City Council Committees designed to address specific issues. Until FY07 it was one of the Five Focus Areas which provides a guide to direct the efforts of City operations.
Although Restructuring Government is no longer a major focus area for the City, the Committee continues to meet to address issues that affect the following goals:

Meeting customer expectations for an increasingly diverse population
Making sound investments in technology in facilitate improvements in service delivery and employee productivity
Managing the City's financial resources effectively
Delivering services that provide value and are competitive in cost and quality
Recruiting and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce.

Members of the Restructuring Government Committee include:

Chair:                    Anthony Foxx
Vice Chair:            Warren Cooksey
Members:              David Howard
                              Patsy Kinsey
                              James Mitchell
Staff Resource:    Curt Walton, City Manager