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Fire Hydrant Testing

All newly installed private fire hydrants for commercial properties, including multi-family occupancies, are required to be tested and approved in order to determine the available fire flow. In addition, city-owned fire hydrants may be tested at the request of architects, engineers, fire sprinkler installers, etc. in order to determine the available water supply for the purpose of designing fire sprinkler systems.

To request a test, you may either contact the Fire Department's Fire Hydrant Coordinator at the telephone number or email address below, or you may download the flow test request form below, and  mail or fax it to the Charlotte Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau Office at the address or fax number, also indicated below. There is a fee associated with each test, so please read the instructions carefully. Please provide an email address somewhere on the form so that we may contact the you if need be. 

Fire Hydrant Flow Request Form.pdf

Instructions for Completing Hydrant Test Request Form.pdf


Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant with Storz Connection

"Storz" Connections:

All public and private hydrants installed after July 2004 are required to be fitted with a Storz connection, as shown in the adjacent photo. The Storz connection is a coupling device that neither has male or female ends connected by screw threads, but interlocking flanges with identical ends so that either end will join the other. All large diameter hose (LDH) on CFD's apparatus have Storz connections on both ends to allow easy and rapid connections between the hydrant and pump.   Important:  Painting of the Storz coupling device can negatively impact its operation, so they are not to be painted. 
Hydrant Painting Requirements:

Privately installed hydrants are required to be "color coded" based on their operational arrangements such as through a water meter, tied to a fire pump, limited water supply, etc. The Charlotte Fire Department requires that private fire hydrants  meet the following color codes:

1. Hydrants connected to a public water main through a meter: 
    -  Yellow hydrant with hydrant caps painted green.

2. Hydrants connected to a fire pump: 
    -  Yellow hydrant with hydrant caps painted white.

3. Hydrants limited in their water availability: 
    -  Yellow hydrant with hydrant caps painted blue.

4. Hydrants lacking a large diameter hose connection: 
    -  Entire hydrant painted red.

Paint should be a high quality enamel.  The Water Supply Coordinator, or the inspector assigned to your project will be able to offer assistance in determining the color requirements.
Contact Information: 
Butch Williams, Water Supply Coordinator