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Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Process

All new buildings, additions to existing buildings, renovations and upfits, and changes of use to an existing building require an inspection by a fire official for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Due to the continued rapid growth and the resulting demand for more CO inspections, it is important to notify your assigned inspector as far in advance as practical for a scheduled inspection.  Inspectors will return your phone calls within 48 hours.  Inspections will be scheduled no less than 4 business days in advance.


Certificate of Occupancy Requirements:
The purpose of the document below is to indicate the basic and most common requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).
Certificate of Occupancy Requirements, Rev. 4-3-12.pdf

Fire and Life Safety System Testing:
The installation of fire suppression and life-safety systems will require that the Charlotte Fire Department inspector assigned to your project be on site during all acceptance tests. There are associated fees with all tests as outlined and indicated in the "Performance Test Fee App." form below.
For acceptance testing of standpipe systems, the guidelines and procedures established in the Standard Operating Guideline below (FPB 221) are provided to aid you in preparation for the test. The release form below titled "Water-Based Fire Protection System Test Form" must be downloaded, printed, signed and provided to the fire inspector witnessing the test.

Performance Test Fee Rev. 8-5-13 PDF.pdf

FPB 221 Acceptance Testing of Standpipe Systems DOC.pdf

Water-Based Fire Protection System Test Form, rev. April 13, 2012.pdf

Fire Inspector performing an inspection

On Site Plans:
Your inspection will require that the stamped and approved plans are on the job site. This includes any revisions to the initial plans. Your inspection will not take place if these plans are not available to the inspector at the time of the inspection. There are associated fees for shop drawings for fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Download and submit the attached form below with your drawings.

For electronic submittal of plans, click on the link below:



Change of Use Permit Information:
Any time the use of a structure changes, a "Change of Use" permit is required. This process involves several steps and coordination with Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA) to ensure compliance with the applicable codes and standards. For further information, you may access the LUESA web site at charmeck.org.

Inspector Contact Link:

Fire Inspector Testing Water Flow