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CITY COUNCIL MINUTES 1993 - 1997      Notify Me for page updates

The City Council minutes are available for online viewing for the years 1960 through the present. City Council minutes are semi-verbatim and are available on the web and for general distribution 2-3 weeks after a Council meeting date.  Select one of the date ranges below. 

1960-1978      1979-1992        1993-1997        1998-2006        2007-2014

NEW FEATURE!  You can now search City Council meeting minutes from 1998 through 2013.  

Click on the link below and select "Click here to begin search"

   Search Minutes (1998-2013)

 Additional minutes will be placed online in the near future.
These minutes are for information and research purposes only. The official minutes are maintained in the City Clerk's Office. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 704-336-2248 with any questions.