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06_28_10 Agenda without attachments

Item No.

Attachment No.


5:00 P.M. Dinner Briefing
Conference Center


1.   Mayor & Council Consent Item Questions


2.   City Manager's Evaluation of Utilities'  Customer Service


3.   Sustainable Communities Initiative Planning Grant


4.   Police Youth Initiatives


5.   Answers to Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions                                                                              


6:30 P.M.  Citizens' Forum
Meeting Chamber


7:00 P.M. Awards and Recognitions


6.   Utilities EPA Safe Drinking Water Award and  Wastewater Plant Performance Award


7.   Charlotte International Cabinet Cougars Basketball Teams


8.   Dr. Andrew P. "Sam" Haywood 2010 Award


9.   Charlotte Douglas International Airport  Eagle Award


  Consent agenda items 26 through 58 may be considered in one motion except those items removed by a Council member.  Items are removed by notifying the City Clerk before the meeting.


Public Hearing


11.  FY2011-FY2015 Consolidated Plan and FY2011 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development


12.  Public Hearing on Resolution to Close a Portion of South Caldwell Street


13.  Public Hearing on Resolution to Close a Portion of East 19th Street


14.  Public Hearing on Resolution to Close Two Residual Portions of Baxter Street


15.  Public Hearing on Resolution to Close Nesbitt Drive




16.  City Manager's Report


17.  Centers, Corridors and Wedges Growth Framework


18.  University Research Park Area Plan


19.  Catawba Area Plan




20.  Preliminary Applications for National Infrastructure Investment Grants Program


21.  Renewable Energy Project Grant


22.  Energy Grant Outreach and Education Campaign Services


23.  Nominations to Boards and Commissions


24.  Appointments to Boards and Commissions


25.  Mayor and Council Topics




26.    Office Supplies


27.    Wastewater Pumps


28.    Police Uniforms Contract Extension                          


29.    Police/Gang of One Contract with Mecklenburg County


30.    Police DNA Equipment and Supplies


31.    Humane Society Contract Amendment #3


32.    FY2011 General Obligation Bond Referendum


33.    500 Dalton Avenue Demolition


34.    Safety Systems Maintenance Services for CATS Maintained Facilities


35.    Parking Citation Management Software and Collections


36.    Credit Card Processing Agreement


37.    Grier Road Sidewalk


38.    North Tryon Street Business Corridor Engineering Services


39.    Geotechnical and Construction Materials Testing Services Contracts


40.    Various Stream Restoration Projects


41.    Airport Roof-Mounted Solar Energy System


42.    Airport Telecommunications Agreement


43.    Wastewater Treatment Facilities Landscape Management Contracts


44.    Water Transmission Main Emergency         Repair


45.    Briar Creek Relief Sewer Changer Order #1


46.    CATS Security Services Contract Amendment


47.    Scaleybark Road, South Boulevard and Whitton Street Improvements Infrastructure Reimbursement Agreement


48.    IKEA Boulevard Extension Infrastructure Reimbursement Agreement Amendment #3


49.    Closures of S. Crigler Street and Marvin Smith Road at CSX Railroad


50.    Airport Supplemental Agreement with NCDOT            


51.    Hazard Mitigation Plan


52.    Settlement of Workers' Compensation Claim


53.    Charlotte Center City Partners Board Appointments


54.    In Rem Remedy


55.    Airport Land Acquisition – 5604 Denver Avenue


56.    McAlpine Creek Relief Sewer Phase 2 Condemnation Additional Deposit


57.    Property Transactions


58.    Meeting Minutes